Groom & Groomsmen; Suit or Tux?


More often than not we see grooms in a suit. However, with new trends on the rise more and more grooms have been rockin a tux. After all, both options are stylish and appropriate for weddings. So which groom are you? The trendy type that will rock a tux or the traditional man that will suit up for his big day?

Groom & Groomsmen

Often times with weddings, the bride casts a shadow over the entire event and we forget about the groom! So, today we want to spend a little time with the fellas. After all, the guys need some love too. With that being said, let’s break down what a suit and tux will get you on your wedding day.


A suit is more formal and dressy. The tie, the vest, and the jacket make a very classy dress. Often times, your bride may have a say in what she prefers and what will match with her dress. For instance, if she’s dressing in a ballroom gown, or elegant backless mermaid gown she may prefer you to go with a suit. This will give you both a very strong elegant look as well as look sharp in the wedding photos! Can’t forget about those photos!

Vintage Groom
Groom in a three piece gray suit and slate blue accessories.
Navy and Blush Wedding Theme
groom in navy grey and champagne suit and tie

A tux is more informal some might say. Depending on your style as a couple. For example, if your wedding is going to be modern and contemporary you might go with a tux depending on what the wifey chooses to wear. A tux doesn’t have as many parts and is a lot easier to wear without worrying about overheating all night. The last thing you want to do is sweat all night. Going with a tux is a lighter option and looks great in photos!

Classic + Modern Tux
brown linen groom tux
black tux affair
Black & White Tux
Navy Blue Groom Tuxedo
Grey Tux

In the end, depending on your style and the style of the entire event you’ll want to choose your dress accordingly. If you’d like more inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest Wall for options and shops!

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