Circus Lovers? Unlock Your Inner Child

Growing up did you love the carnival?

Does the thought of the rides, sweet smells of caramel popcorn, laughs from strangers all around you excite you? Throwing a wedding can be similar to a carnival. For example, the madness and disorganization at times, the laughs brought out from friends & family, and lets not forget the delicious food served after the celebration. Today we want you to bring out your inner kid, just be as silly and unapologetic as you once were. Three things make a carnival irresistible, lets see how we can incorporate these things into a wedding.

First, games are one of the funnest things you can have at your wedding reception. Think of all the kids and tipsy adults! The adults would love to play a game of bean bag toss while they are chatting it up. Kissing booth for the single groomsman would be a good idea as well. Also, a photo booth, where people can get there photos taken for free! Try adding your own custom heading on each slip of film as a token from your wedding day.

Next, rides are one of the biggest attractions at a carnival. A ferris wheel would be an amazing addition to a wedding reception, the views would be unforgettable at the top. Don’t forget, having pony rides might be something exciting for the children. However, don’t take it too far, people may forget it’s a wedding all together.

Lastly, one thing that brings people together in harmony, food. So, if you want to plan ahead and you have a slideshow planned for your guests. Make sure you have some popcorn and snacks for during the presentation. Or better yet, a snack table!

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