Traditional & Modern Ceremony Ideas

Ceremony Ideas

If you are reading this article, you are probably searching for some touching and exciting wedding ceremony ideas, whether they are alternative or traditional. A lot of couples choose to walk down the aisle, followed by traditional wedding vows, and that is entirely valid and okay. But, there are more couples that come from non-Religious backgrounds or upbringings, and they are searching for options that are more spiritual and less religion-related. If you are one of those couples, we have a treat for you. We have prepared a list of wedding unity ideas that are unique, romantic, and fun.

Unity Tea

For this ancient Chinese wedding tradition, and it includes the bride, and the groom should choose the blend of tea that is their favorite or the blend that represents them as people. You should mix the two teas together. During your ceremony, and then the bride and groom should drink it. If you wish, you could also invite your guests to take part in this tradition.

Wine Ceremony

This ceremony is very similar to the tea ceremony. All you have to do is blend two different wines into one wine bottle (most couples chose to combine white and red wine together, but you can select whichever wine you wish). You should keep the bottle and open it on a special wedding anniversary.

Whiskey Barrel

This ceremony is perfect for the couples that are not fans of drinking one, and like hard liquor more. So, the concept is very similar to the wine ceremony. The bride and groom each choose an unaged whiskey and mix them together into a personalized mini whiskey barrel.

Time Capsule

If you are looking for a unique ceremony that isn’t inspired by ancient traditions, this is the perfect one for you. For this ceremony, the couple should place courtship and wedding related items into a box (a newspaper from your wedding day, currency from countries you’ve visited, your wedding program, photos, a menu from your first date’s restaurant, CD with the wedding playlist, etc..). Once the box is full, you should burry it and dig it up on a significant anniversary.

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