4 Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

Writing Wedding Vows

Wedding ceremonies aren’t complete without the much-awaited vows; after all, the guests are waiting to hear them. The words you choose to say in your vows will have an impact on your relationship for years, and you are going to remember them fondly, forever. Some couples even decide to frame and hang their written vows in their bedroom. You can choose to write poems, song lyrics, or lines in your favorite movies into your vows, or make them totally original. The fantastic thing about vows is that they are supposed to be entirely personal and intimate.

Coming up with the words you are going to read out on that day in front of everybody is not an easy task, but once you’re up there, standing face to face, each and every spoken word from the heart will all be worth it. But, if you are super nervous, we have prepared some useful tips to help you out.

Start writing early

Writing your vows down two hours before the wedding might work for some people, but it is not going to work for most. In some cases, you need to have your vows approved by the officiant, which is why you should start writing and revising them on time. Dedicate some time and effort to writing your wedding vows; don’t procrastinate it.

Make them inspiring and touching

Even though vows should be original and personalized, there is no harm in taking some inspirations from vows written by friends and famous people. You can also reference poems, songs, scripture, etc. But, for that personal touch, you should go back to the days when the two of you first met and reminisce about your first memories as a couple and your love. 

Talk to each other and agree together on the tone and format

Before the big moment comes, you need to talk about it. You don’t have to plan it out, but you should map it out and have a picture in mind.  Do you want the vows to be humorous and funny? Would you want them to be touching? Or how about, making your guests laugh or cry? Talk to each other, and map it out.

Personalize it!

Given that this is your wedding, the vows have to be yours too, which is why you need to add a personal touch. If you both love Adam Sandler movies, make sure to include some of the lines, but use them to focus on memories and experiences that really capture your relationship.

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