Things No One Tells You About Your Honeymoon

Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is, very likely, going to be the holiday of your lifetime. And while honeymoon is going to be an amazing and relaxing experience, there are also a few things that happen on your honeymoon, and married couples don’t really talk about them or post about them on their Instagram. Here is what you need to expect on the holiday of your life.

Both of you are going to be completely exhausted.

It is a good kind of exhaustion, but it is exhaustion after all. All of that wedding planning, hard work, and the adrenaline-filled day, you’ll be surprised how drained you actually are. You are very likely to spend the first half of your honeymoon being lazy on the beach.

 You might have an argument

Despite it being in the middle of your honeymoon phase (quite literally), you and your partner and very likely to have a bicker or two. But, do not let that let a bicker get the best of you for the whole holiday, and don’t waste your holiday time; kiss and make-up.

You will spend a lot of money

Your whole honeymoon is going to be spent in the ‘we’re only on honeymoon once’ mindset, so count on leaving a lot of your money in the resort you are staying in. But that is how life goes for sometimes, enjoy it.

You’ll discuss your wedding all of the time

You’ll want to re-live every moment of your wedding again and again, which is why you are going to talk about it, a lot, on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon blues are going to greet you when you get home

Have you ever felt holiday blues before? Well, take those holiday blues and multiply them by a thousand. After all, you have just got back into reality from the holiday that you have been planning for months. You are going to be on a massive comedown, but you can always re-live your time through photos.

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