Plan a Bilingual Wedding All Your Guests Will Understand

Bilingual Wedding

Love speaks every language, and our world is getting smaller by day, thanks to modern technology and social media. That makes it highly possible for us to fall in love with someone from another country. But when it comes to the wedding, it can get a bit more complicated. We understand how planning a bilingual wedding may feel a bit scary. Both of you don’t want to step on any toes, and both of you want all of the guests to feel included on your wedding day, especially during big moments like the speeches and the ceremony. The good news is that with a little extra legwork you’ll be able to plan a bilingual wedding celebration. Here are all the tips you need.

Find the Right Experts

Having a translator on hand is going to be helpful when you are taking family photos, when you are making sure that people know where to sit during the ceremony, and to help them throughout the reception.

Make Sure That Travel Plans Are as Simple as Possible

This may be a little bit out of your control, but you should do as much as possible. You can suggest all the ways to get to and from your venue, which hotel to stay at and how to obtain a rental car. If your guests are staying in a hotel, you can also create a welcome bag with suggestions on what to do in the area (make sure they are in their native language).

Translate All the Wedding Details

If you are having a bilingual wedding, you need to have wedding invitations, wedding ceremony programs, signs for gift and guestbook tables, wedding menus, and any other type of direction or instructions for your guests written on both languages. That way, you are going to ensure that all of your guests can read and understand everything.

Celebrate Cultural Differences

We left the most important for last: when it comes to planning a bilingual wedding, you need to celebrate the differences of your respective cultures and religions. This can be done through music, dance, food or ceremony rituals.

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