Brides! (Must Haves on Your Wedding Day Checklist)

Wedding Day Checklist

Is there anything worse or more dreading than feeling you forgot something, but you cannot, for the life of you, remember what? And that feeling gets even worse on your wedding day because the pressure is a thousand times bigger. And what is the best ways to avoid feeling like some important detail has been forgotten? Making a wedding day checklist. What you want to include on your list is entirely up to you and your preferences, but some things should be on every bride’s wedding day checklist.

Bridal Accessories & Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding jewelry and bridal accessories are important parts of your wedding clothing (we would dare to say that they are almost as important as the wedding itself), which is why you need to make sure you’ve got them on your wedding day checklist.

Wedding Vows

If you and your partner are planning on writing and saying your wedding vows, (as a lot of couples decide to do), you should also remember to bring them along to your ceremony. It is not a good approach to believe that you are going to remember what you wrote down or wing it when the time comes. Even if you ae really amazing at public speaking and improvisation, you are going to be very nervous. It’s your wedding day, and there is no need to risk it.

Wedding Lingerie

We have left this one for last, because it is just for the bride, but it is extremely important. You don’t want to take off your wedding dress on your wedding night and have your old bra under it! Wearing some gorgeous lingerie under your wedding dress is going to make your wedding night special, and it can give you an extra boost of confidence as well. Also, extra tip: when you are buying wedding lingerie, make sure you cannot see it through the dress.

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