Planning A Quick Wedding in 4 Months

quick wedding

Okay, we get it. Once you’ve have found the love of your life, everything is a fairy tale now, and you are stoked about getting married to them. In fact, you might be thinking: why wait a year to get married? Well, you can! But, planning a wedding within four months can be a little bit complicated, but it’s completely doable! We have prepared some of the most useful tips to get everything done on time and plan a quick wedding that is stress-free!

Book a Wedding Venue as Soon as Possible

Booking your venue is going to solidify your wedding date. If you have an official date, the rest your wedding planning can take off freely and much faster.

The best option is to book an all-inclusive package with your venue that covers most of the vendors and services. If you don’t, you are going to spend a ton of time researching numerous options, calling or meeting with several of your favorites, then deciding on one that’s best for you, and then paying a deposit…And the process repeats for each vendor (and you would be surprised how many of them are needed for a wedding).

Order and Send Your Invitations as Soon as The Venue is Booked

In a scenario where you have a bit more time, you’d send out save-the-dates prior to sending formal invitations. But sending multiple paper notifications about your imminent wedding is unnecessary in such a short time. That is why you should send out formal invitations as soon as your venue is booked and your date is set.

Create a Wedding Website and Registry

Set aside one afternoon to sit on the couch with your partner and make a registry. Talk about all the things that you both need and are going to enjoy. Also, take into consideration things that need to be replaced (mattress, sets of pans, sheets, etc.).

Order a Wedding Dress & Suit

If you are planning your wedding in 4 months, you are probably going to have to shop around at places where you can buy off the rack, because most bridal boutiques require that you order your dress at least 6 months in advance. However, that still leaves you with enough time to alter it to fit you perfectly!

And while you are in the process of getting and tailor the wedding dress, your fiancé should also buy a suit and get it tailored too.

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