The Best Bedding and Bath Items For Your Wedding Registry

Your Wedding Registry

Your bedroom and your bathroom should be your sanctuary, where you come to relax (alone or as a couple), clear your mind, and spend some quality time together. There is no better way to ensure that your bedroom and bathroom remain peaceful, serene, and luxe is to register for the best bedding (and bath) items out there. To help you out with Your Wedding Registry, we have created a list of the most cozy, comfy pieces that may just tempt you to spend the whole day in bed.

Get The Good Towels

Bath time can feel and be luxurious only if you have the right linens and accessories, which is why you need the best bath towels. Forget the paper-thin towels from Ikea; you are not in college anymore. Make sure to include some cozy, plush towels in your wedding registry. Good bath towels are going to guarantee you comfort and absorbency every time you step out of the shower.

A High-Quality Scale

A tech-forward scale is very important for all health-conscious couples. Make sure to ask for a model that can track weight, BMI and body fat. If you can connect it with your Fitbit tracking for easy monitoring, it is even better.

Bath Mat

Stepping out of the bath or the shower right onto the cold tile floor is never pleasant, which is why you should cushion your step with a bath mat. Make sure to choose one with high absorbency, so that it doesn’t get soggy.

Best Sheets and Comforters

Also, your wedding registry is a great opportunity to upgrade from your mismatched, old or torn sheets that you have been holding onto since college. Make sure to ask for a set that feels fresh and luxurious, and that fits your bed’s measurements.

Best Pillows

Finally, you’re going to come home from work every day, tired, and you are going to lay your head on a pillow and relax, which is why it NEEDS to be soft (or firm, if that is what you like), comfortable and, of course, pretty.

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