Must-Know Tips for Creating the Best Wedding Registry

Best Wedding Registry

Are you ready to start your own registry? The registry is one of the most fun aspects of the wedding. There is nothing better than filling your new home and complementing your lifestyle with gifts from your guests. A great way to signify your new beginning, right? While there aren’t too many strict rules on how to register for a wedding, there are a few guidelines you should follow in order to actually receive all the things you would like. Here are some must-know tips for creating the best wedding registry.

Time It Right

One of the biggest wedding registry tips is to create one as soon as you get engaged. Don’t worry; that is completely acceptable, and very much recommended. Making the registry early on in the wedding planning takes that task off your mind, and it makes it easier for guests who’d like to purchase a gift on time.

Know Yourself

It’s okay to shy away from traditional registry lists, and actually list the things you and your partner are going to need and use. For example, if you you never cook at home but love to fish, it makes more sense to register for a fishing pole rather than for a crystal gravy boat.

Look for Perks

Before you chose where you are going to register, you should find out what kinds of discounts and perks you might get. Some retailers offer a ‘completion program’. This program allows you to purchase whatever you don’t receive at a discount (for example, 10 to 15 percent discount for up to a year after the wedding).

Do It Together

Make sure to talk about the gifts, and register for the ones that the both of you are going to enjoy, love and use. Before you make decisions, make sure to talk about the style that you envision your home to be, and divide and conquer categories (maybe you get to choose bath and bedding, while your partner selects the electronics).

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