How to Seat Your Guests at the Wedding Reception

Seat Your Guests

When it comes to planning your wedding, a guests’ seating plan is one of the final tasks on your to-do list. Now, if you’re having 25 guests on that list, you may want to give people specific seating assignments, but you don’t really have to. But, a guests’ seating plan is essential if you’re having 75 guests or more and if you are serving a seated meal. But, how to decide where to put who? Here are all the tips you need.

You Absolutely NEED to Start Early

Don’t be that couple that makes the seating chart night before the wedding on your kitchen table. Don’t get us wrong; making the last-minute changes is fine, and you are, very likely, going to make some. But, try to get the chart mostly done as soon as possible, and at least a week before the day.

Always Check with The Venue

Double-checking won’t hurt anybody, right? You should always double-check the capacity of your venue, and you should always take into account the size and shape of the tables. You should never pack everyone in too close.

The Singles Table Is a Must

A good rule of thumb is to seat all the guests who attend your wedding with a partner at one table. We understand that match-making might seem fun and cheeky, but it’s not a good idea to force it on your guests or make it super obvious, because that will make it awkward.

Even Numbers Are the Key

Things can get out of control at the same-sex tables once the alcohol starts flowing, which is why you need to balance out all the tables. Make sure that all tables have an even number of men and women, if that is possible

Make it easy for guests to find their assigned seats

In order for guests to find their seats easily and quickly, place the cards with their names on their assigned seats.

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