Creative Proposal Ideas

Creative Proposal Ideas

You have found the one you want to share your life with, and now is the time to ask the big question. This moment is so life-changing moment, which is why it comes with so much pressure to make it perfect. To help you out, we put together a list of the most creative and unique proposal ideas.

Sweet Proposal with Balloons

Balloons are really festive, but you probably forgot about them since you played with them when you were eight years old. But you might want to buy them again. Write your big question in balloons and present it to her. Some things simply never go out of style, right?

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Tasty Creative Proposal Ideas

If both you and your partner are foodies, you are going to love this marriage proposal idea! You can visit your local bakery shop (bonus points if it’s her favorite spot) and have them make “Will you marry me?” shaped donuts. She will love it, and you will get to enjoy the donuts together as an engaged couple this time.

Cute Unexpected Proposal Ideas

There is something about the element of surprise that brings that special sparkle to every engagement. And you should definitely play that card. You and your partner can go to some sight-seeing (for example, fireworks, waterfall, a bunch of balloons being let out to the sky, etc.) together. Make it totally inconspicuous; don’t even dress formally. And while she is admiring whatever is going on, you can kneel and wait for her to turn around. You will sweep her off her feet, that is for sure!

💍 Want some more tips to planning the perfect unique proposal? Click here! Photo by @janelle.elise.photo | Dirty Boots and Messy Hair (@dirtybootsandmessyhair)

The First Date Proposal

Everyone likes to see that their partner remembers little details about them and the relationship, and you should use that to your advantage and your proposal tactics. Think long and hard about your first date, and then recreate it as closely as you can. This time, bring the ring out and pop the big question. We can guarantee that your partner is going to love it and be very touched.

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