Tips For Planning a Magical Disney Wedding

disney wedding

Planning the Disney wedding of your dreams? The one that will make you feel like a queen? Ok, here’s what you need to know.

Planning a Disney Wedding

1. Sign your contract at least 6 months before the wedding date

This is important so that you can start the preparations in time and get all the details across to your wedding planner.

You should also get the necessary information across to all the guest that will be attending your Disney world wedding. Send an update about the preparations to them at least every two months interval and expect their responses.

2. Stick to a wedding planner if possible

Working with a particular wedding planner is much preferred to increase the preparation speed and for a maximum quality result. Working with a wedding planner throughout the planning period is better as you will be able to communicate every detail of the wedding from scratch. If at all Disney arranged your wedding planner to be changed during the planning period don’t panic, you can insist on using only one wedding planner. However, if the wedding planner must be changed, then try to work as a team with the new planner. Present an update of the planning events and double check every event for accuracy.

3. Book a suite for your lodge at the Disney world

If you actually want to enjoy your stay at the Disney world, try to book a suite apartment for your lodge. This is because suites in Disney world are designed with a perfect backdrop for taking photos while you get dressed for your wedding rehearsals and your big day. You will also have a lot of space for dressing and for your flower girls and bridesmaids to take photos with you.

4. Confirm the details of your wedding before your big day

Am sure you would want every detail of your wedding to go as planned with no form of mistake no matter how insignificant. Take your time to have a last check through with your wedding planner a night before the big day. You can arrange for a one-on-one meeting with your wedding planner. It’s ok if your parents and your maid of honor are also present to confirm the accuracy of the events planned. Try to be firm about your decision as per the details of the wedding in case your wedding planner tries to change something overnight.

5. Book an appointment with the Disney fine art photography.

Photos taken at the Disney fine art photography will always bring back the memories of your big day every time you look at those pictures. The professional photographers will make you look like a real princess in those photos as they capture every detail. The photographers are really amazing.

6. Book an appointment with Disney dining for your rehearsal dinner.

Instead of allowing your wedding planner to plan for your wedding rehearsal, it’s less expensive and easier when you book with the Disney dining. They are ready to give you the best just exactly how you want it, at a better price.

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