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Private estate wedding photoshoots have become increasingly popular and we don’t see that changing anytime soon! There are so many reasons why private estate photoshoots are becoming more popular than public venue photoshoots. So, we’re going to break those reasons down for you….

Private Estate Wedding Photoshoots

1. Virality

No one likes to admit this, but every couple wants to have their wedding photos or videos adored, talked about, and even shared throughout the wedding community. Virality is a sign of a beautiful wedding, spectacular decor, rare private locations, and many other things. For example, having viral wedding content can give other brides a vision for what they want their wedding to be like. So, be a trend setter in the wedding space by having a beautifully rare wedding photoshoot/video.

2. Rarity

Let’s face it, not every couple can get access to these private estates to shoot their wedding photos/video. So take advantage! Taking advantage of these spectacular places for your wedding will not be regretted or overlooked. After all, you only get married once, so why not go all out? Another reason is, these wedding pictures will be in your home, passed down to your children, and given to your parents. So, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance!

3. Hard to Copy

Only a select handful of all the brides getting married each year will take advantage of this opportunity. With that being said, your wedding photoshoot will stand out amongst the others. Also, since our service provides a large selection of private wedding estates you can choose from places no one has ever been or seen. Making it hard for other brides to replicate the same backdrops. Because, let’s face it, if everyone takes pictures at the park the park isn’t where you want to go anymore. This principle works from everything and we know that, that’s why we have hundreds of private wedding estates for you to choose from!

Thinking of booking your wedding photoshoot with us? Choose your dream estate today! Here are a few of our favorite estates!

Private Estate Wedding
Palisades Villa
Private Estate Wedding
Pasadena Princess
Private Estate Wedding
Monroe Mansion
Private Estate Wedding
The Tiffany
Private Estate Wedding
Sky Studio

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