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easy wedding makeup

Every bride-to-be wants to look her best on her wedding day and this means having nice makeup. Having a DIY easy wedding makeup means you have made the decision to do your wedding makeup yourself. This can be really great since you can save some extra money from not hiring a makeup artist, and also frees yourself from having someone following you around during the wedding party!

Having a DIY wedding makeup is a symbol of self-confidence and self-contentment. It means that you are just fine about your everyday look whether you usually wear light or heavy makeup.

Though you might have decided on a DIY wedding makeup, however, you need to keep some things in mind so that you don’t mess up your “Big Day”. Moreover, you must be ready for the many pictures that will be taken, so you will need makeup that will stay and last throughout the wedding party time. Also, I am sure you would want your photos to look beautiful since they will last for generations.

Here are some tips to make your DIY easy wedding makeup, that will make you look great in person and in the photos.

 easy wedding makeup
DIY Wedding Glam

Easy Wedding Makeup


  1. Have a trial makeup

Having a trial makeup will give you the assurance that you will have the skills to achieve your desired look. You can practice applying your makeup by yourself so you can correct any mistakes and perfect your skills. Moreover, you can also try taking pictures in your makeup to be sure of how the photos will look like and know the right makeup kits you will need.

  1. Watch the time

Since you will be applying your makeup yourself, you should practice watching the time. Check how much time you will need to achieve your desired look during your makeup rehearsal time and then fix that on your wedding day. Make sure that you have nothing less than one and a half hour for your makeup. Don’t be in a rush, so that you will be happy with what you will later see in the photos.

  1. Go for a facial treatment

You need flawless skin to achieve your desired look in time and with ease. Therefore, having a whole month of facial treatment before your Big Day is very important.

  1. be personal

Your makeup should reflect a unique and personal theme, especially if you are not used to everyday makeup or always wear light makeups. Wear the best type of makeup that fits you, you can stay natural instead of a bronze bridal makeup if you don’t wear makeup at all. And also, a classic bridal makeup will be good instead of a cat-eye, if you want a unique and timeless makeup.

  1. Choose your makeup products carefully

Don’t hesitate to seek a recommendation on the best makeup product you will need to achieve your desired look. There are several makeup products and it can sometimes be difficult selecting the best ones. Make sure you apply the right foundation that compliments your skin color and avoid makeup products with SPF formula. Moreover, you should use a creamy formula-based concealer to conceal the dark circles around your face and waterproof mascara in case you might have to shed some tears.

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