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bridal party

Thinking about how to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid. Choosing your bridal party can be easier than you think. Often times this is the girlfriends you’ve had for the longest time, sisters, cousins, etc.

To make your wedding party, wedding reception, and other wedding-related activities and planning exciting, you need the company of your best friends. These are the most important girls in your life, and you will need them for some encouragement and vibes when you say “I DO”.

However, walking up to them and asking them to be part of your bridal party can be challenging for some brides. This could be due to the fear of rejection or just not knowing how to put the words together. Don’t worry, these are some excellent ways to make your friends burst out with a “Yes!” on hearing the question “Will you be my bridesmaid”?

Bridal Party

 Bridal Party
Springtime Bridesmaids
  1. Send a special invitation card

Mark out the names of some of your friends and female cousin on your guest list whom you will like to invite to be in your bridal party. You should send special IV cards to these people when mailing out the invitation cards. The special IV cards should have the inscription, “will you be my bridesmaid?” and a special pink colored ribbon hair clip made from bridal satin material. Your friends will be overwhelmed with the joy of receiving a special wedding invite with a special gift. The joyful mood will make them say a “Yes” without thinking twice.

  1. One-on-one meeting

If you feel you have the courage or you have a very intimate relationship with your friends, try inviting each person for a cup of coffee or dinner. You can have the meeting at your home or a restaurant. Make sure that you too have a friendlier and an exciting moment together and talk majorly about the relationship and how you are planning to get married. Let your friend how much you want her support and encouragement by being a part of your bridal party while you say “I DO”.

  1. Organize a friends’ reunion or get-together party

To make it easier communicating your intention to all your friends at once, you can organize a friends’ reunion party. Send out an invitation to your friends if you’ve not really been in close touch for sometimes. A festive season when all your friends will be willing to move down to your venue will be good. Plan a nice time with them, eating, drinking and sharing of memories and recent experiences of life. Before the end of the party, let your friends know about your wedding plans and how you want them to be at your bridal party.

  1. Organize a wine party

Invite your friends for a wine party at a club, hotel or bar and make sure that you all have a good time together. Creatively design each wine cup with a bold inscription “Be my Bridesmaid”. Then when it’s time for everyone to take a sip, toast them to be your bridesmaids. Anyone who wants to be part of your bridal party should respond to the toast and take a sip of the wine and if otherwise tell them they can’t drink the wine. Am sure anyone will not want to miss the taste of the wine so they will definitely answer “Yes”.

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