How to Throw an Amazing Wedding Reception

wedding reception

Thinking of how to get your guests entertained, relaxed, and excited at your wedding reception? It’s quite simple and easy.

The wedding reception is where you celebrate after you commit to each other. Since, the church or the courtroom is full of formal procedures and less fun, the wedding reception is the complete opposite.

However, an amazing wedding reception will keep your guests talking about your wedding long after the wedding is over.

Follow these steps for a successful wedding reception.

Wedding Reception

wedding reception
Gorgeous outdoor wedding reception
Step 1: pick a venue

When planning a wedding reception, the first thing you must consider is the venue. Whether you are planning a small size wedding reception or one with lots of guests, you must be sure your guests will feel comfortable in the venue. Therefore, pick a venue suitable for the kind of guests you are inviting. You may need to choose a hotel or banquet hall if your wedding is official or if you prefer a formal setting. A farm, barn, flower garden, or country club venues will be good for outdoors and “family thing” wedding receptions.

Step 2: consider the décor

Carefully choose the colors for the decors in your wedding reception based on the venue you will be using. Decide on the type of decoration materials, the flowers, the furniture, and the table top decors. Also, think about how to personalize the décor to reflect your wedding theme.

Step 3: the lightning

If you’re considering using an indoor venue like a hotel, a banquet hall, a restaurant, or a worship place, consider having bright lighting. Make sure the colors are bright and that your guest will be able to see every bit of the event and every person in the venue. Don’t make the mistake of hanging white lights where your guests are sitting instead use a bright multi-colored light. You can also hang a rotating bulb. During the couples dance section, fix a white light that focuses straight on the stage where the couples are while other lights are turned off.

Step 4: consider a perfect sitting arrangement

The sitting arrangements show how prepared you are to receive your guests. However, make sure that the seats are arranged in a way that will make it comfortable for ease of passage and communication with one another. For instance, arrange tables in groups based on your guest list groups. For example, friends, families, workplace or school colleagues, business partner, etc. You should be creative with the arrangement so that people who have one or two things in common will be sited together. People communicate better among friends.

Step 5: The food, drinks, and music

Many people attend a wedding reception because of the special meals, drinks and exciting music. Therefore, carefully select your choice of meals, drinks, and music that your guests will find enjoyable. Prepare for a short three to four-course meals, and get a DJ and Band to make the place lively. However, you should keep the programs short so that everyone can have time to get on the dancing floor after the party.

Step 6: engage your guests

Don’t make your guests sit all through the party, get them involved in the celebration. Get some of your funny family members to involve in telling a stories, crack funny jokes, and even make a toast. Also, get an orchestra to play a few minutes, engage in a quiz competition and let the winner go home with a price.

wedding reception
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