Laid Back Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is mainly about the bride, it’s a memorable moment to make the last few hours of your single-hood exciting and fun. Just before you change from Miss to Mrs., here are some bachelorette ideas to planwe an exciting fun-filled party with your bride tribe.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

 Bachelorette Party
Beach Day With Your Girls
1. plan a funny evening party.

You should make sure you make your bachelorette party fun and exciting by doing everything both you and your friends will love to do. A funny and naughty evening with the girls will be a good option. Try visiting a saloon or a beach together, crack funny jokes, talk about all the exciting moments you’ve had together, give some relationship tips, wedding night tips etc. However, a naughty bachelorette theme will be the best here with the pink color all around. Make sure that every accessory is in colors of pink and gold.

2. sweat it out with the girls

Plan on visiting the gym or the swimming pool with the girls. You can make sure you do any form of physical exercise you’d love just to experience the love bond between you and your friends once again. Try to go to the gym first then to the swimming pool to wash off the sweat. Then, a nice cocktail party will get you all relaxed and get the bride physically ready for the married life.

3. plan a “sleepover party” with the girls at home

Try to remind yourself of the high school lifestyle where you can sleep over at your friends home. Therefore, you should invite your friends to your home where you have all the girls for a sleepover. Try out lots of eating drinking, gist, crack lots of jokes and try cooking together. You should talk about your favorite food, movies, celebrity and just make sure you have fun. Let the bride wear a marked or different colored nightgown to distinguish her from the rest of the girls

4. visit the spa with your friends

Visiting a spa can also be an awesome idea and a time for you to feel relaxed, get your body massaged with some pedicure and manicure treatments. Instead of jumping all around partying, you can get your soul and body rejuvenated with a good spa treatment.

5. have a DIY party

A DIY party can be really fun and exciting as you all will be displaying your crafting skills. Try putting DIY decoration all around your venue and tell your friends to wear dresses made with hand stitches. Let them bring DIY gifts for the bride too and all gifts should be funny and beautifully crafted.

6. have a ‘book review evening’ with chosen marriage coach

Your friends will likely want to know how much you are intellectually prepared for your marriage. You can share with them some thoughts you find useful from some books on marriage that you might have studied. Let them know why you make the decision to get married and different thought about marriage from your marriage book bestseller.

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