The Ultimate DIY Wedding Glam

diy wedding glam

Let’s face it, hiring a full glam team on your wedding day might get pricey. For example, if you hire more than one artist for you and your girls the price goes up by each person. So, if you and your girls are good at makeup on your own this blog is for you. Here are some tips, tricks, and great products you should use for your DIY Wedding Glam.

The Ultimate DIY Wedding Glam


First, let’s talk about skincare. Skincare comes before makeup, and if you have poor skincare your makeup won’t look good. We recommend going for a hydrating facial the day before the wedding. Grab your girls and go as a team! This is great for bonding and ensures you’ll all feel refreshed and revived on the wedding day.

On the wedding day for skincare under your makeup prep. We recommend Tatcha skincare products. Start with a face mask, an hour before the glam starts. Use their primers as a base under your makeup. This allows your makeup to last all day without showing pores, or drying out. (DON’T SKIP THIS STEP!)


Next, we like doing the shadow before the foundation. This is a great way to makeup your eyeshadow fallout doesn’t mess up your foundation. Make sure you put down a concealer on your eyes, pack that in with a translucent powder, and then go in with your shadow. Always, always lay down a base! After eyeshadow, you want to lay down a really pretty eyeliner before you add your eyelashes.


After eyes, comes foundation and then setting powder. For foundation you want to make sure it matches your skin tone, especially your neck. However, if you’re wearing a wedding dress that comes up higher on you worrying about your neck might not be that important.

Contour & Conceal

Once you’ve got your foundation on, it’s time to conceal and contour! This is one of our favorite parts since it really pulls a look together. For contour, we recommend Fenty Beauty for a more defined look, and KKW contour stick for a softer more natural look. For concealer we love Jouer full coverage concealer to hide sleepy eyes or turn up eyes!

Setting Spray

Every makeup look needs to stick! So, go for a strong all day hold with Kylie Cosmetics setting spray. Morphe has another great setting spray called Continuous Setting Mist.

To top off this blog we want to add this DIY wedding glam video. This video will show you everything from skin prep, skincare, to makeup!

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