Easy Ways To Keep The Kids Busy At Your Wedding

Kids at your wedding

Looking for educative but exciting activities to keep your kids busy during the wedding ceremony or reception? With technology and minimal games off of the computer it’s easy to keep the kids occupied. Also, if you’ve got the time to play with the kids, there are lots of fun things you can do together.

Getting your kids engaged with their favorite activities while they also develop their young intellectual ability is important. Many kids have lots of natural talents and potential such as painting, singing, dancing, telling stories, that kids exhibit when they are young. Also, instead of getting them involved in things that do not excite them, this will help to increase their mental development and passion for a special skill while they also have some fun.

Kids At Your Wedding

  • Coloring books
  • Songbooks
  • Fables and tales
  • Plush toys
  • Orbs
  • Art set for painting
  • Harry Potter collection
  • Crayons
  • Games
  • Simple paper crafts
  • Cardboard
  • Ball pins
  • Jumpers

Activities for kids

Often times, setting up a kids station can be a great way to keep them together. Since other parents may not be able to find sitters for your wedding day, it would be a great addition to add. Of course smaller babies shouldn’t attend a wedding, other kids around 2-10 should be able to have their own place area. This will allow the parents to enjoy their time as well as the kids.

Leaf Wreath

Children cut out leaf wreaths from templates and then color them with Crayola or paint.

Plate Mat

Each child is allowed to draw a set of a plate with cutleries. The plate has the same dimension as the one each child will use for eating. Then when the food is ready each child can place hi/her plate on the paper plate mat.

Paper necklace

It is made with colored papers. The papers are cut into a small rectangular shape and then made into round shapes by applying paper gum on them. The rounded paper is then connected together with a rope and tied at the end. Kids can wear them as a necklace or garlands.

A dance party

If your kids are between the age of 2 and 4, organizing a dance party for them can be fun.

Get them some children songs playing on the DVD and allow them to have some fun and exercise time while you get some free time to yourself.

Animal puzzles

You can get a wooden puzzle that displays an animal image that your kid love to play with like a dog or chicken. Get the puzzle scattered and let your kid get it arranged back into the image of the dog.

The indoor games

You can get your kids of ages 3 – 5 some indoor games such as chess, the rat race board, and snake race board, solitaire game, skipping rope, etc. this will ‘keep ‘em busy’, they catch some fun and also have their mental development.

Drawing and Painting projects

If you notice that your kid loves to play with paper and some paint. You can keep him busy with some drawing and painting project. Get him a plain sheet of paper or a drawing book a pencil and some Crayola or watercolor. Let the kid draw anything he thinks is good and then do some painting on the image. Don’t worry if the image your kid has drawn does not make any meaning, it’s all fun. Tell him it’s beautiful and that he can draw some more.

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