Don’t Forget These 6 Things on Your Wedding Day

Don’t Forget These 6 Things

Whether you live and breathe wedding planning or have become somewhat of a bride-chilla (yes, that’s a thing), keeping track of everything for your wedding is hard. It takes months, and in most cases, over a year of nonstop organizational and management skills. While you may have some of the most important elements worked out—like what dreamlike location you’ll take your wedding pictures and how many pieces of cake you can scarf down while maintaining your dress size—some of the smaller details can get lost in the fold. To make sure everything goes to plan, don’t forget these 6 things.

Don’t Forget These 6 Things

1. Create a ‘Getting Ready’ Playlist

No one wants to get dolled up in silence (awks). The right playlist will create a fun and exciting atmosphere that will set the mood for the whole day. Upbeat, bubbly music works best, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, there’s plenty of pre-made playlists available online or on your streaming service.

2. Bring a Guest Book

A professional wedding photographer is a great way to capture every memory, but a guest book lets partygoers leave a personalized message. When you want to relive your magical night, you’ll be happy you have yet another fun way to look back. Just make sure you keep it PG for your future grandkids.

3. Bring a Change of Shoes

A long day in heels can take a major toll on anyone’s feet. While it’s normal for brides to want to rock their heels for as long as they can bear it, a spare change of flats or sandals will make a world of difference in how comfortable you feel when you’re ready to rock the night away.

Don’t Forget These 6 Things
The First Dance
4. Plan for Gratuity

Even if you’ve been following an online budgeting template from day one, many leave out the cost of gratuity. A wedding takes a team of talented professionals dedicated to making your whole day come together; you wouldn’t want to forget thanking them for their efforts. So, aim to include 18-22 percent gratuity on top of your vendor bill, whether you decide to slip them a cash envelope the day of or send money right from your phone.

5. Eat a Good Breakfast

Funny as it may sound, at some point during the day, every bride and groom will have the munchies if they forgo their breakfasts. But nobody wants to feel ‘hangry’ on their special day. So, as hard as it may be in spite of pre-wedding chills, try to at least get something in your tummy before your big ceremony. Having some early hors d’oeuvres during your cocktail hour might be a good idea too!

6.Strategize When You Take Pictures

By the time your cocktail hour arrives, you might be ravenously hungry and in dire need of bacon-wrapped scallops and avocado everything. So, go ahead, dig in. After all, we did just suggest it a minute ago. However, pay close attention to the time. You won’t want to miss taking pictures during golden hour, or the time right before sunset where the lighting creates the perfect backdrop for all of your wedding pics. Say cheese!

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