How Much Does A Wedding Cost Around The Globe?


Even though weddings are one of the most beautiful events you can organize, they can also be fairly expensive. Catering, photography, the dress, the hair and makeup, the venue- it all adds up. The question is, are the prices the same around the globe? Let’s find out.

1. USA

If you want to have your wedding in the States, it will typically cost you around $25500. Taking into account some other places on this list, the USA suddenly doesn’t seem too bad. Still, the cost of the attire seems to be one of the biggest issues. This is why you might consider shopping on sales.

Another option is for your wedding dress to be your “something borrowed”, but also a way to honor family traditions with a dress that’s been in your family for generations. As far as the groom is concerned, one idea might be to rent a tux.


2. India

Indian ceremonies might be the most expensive ones on this list, as they add up to $65000. This is mostly due to the number of guests. India’s tradition and ceremonies account for a lot of family, friends, and acquaintances. In this case, you can consider shortening the guest list.

With not as many guests present, you can also opt for a more compact and cheaper venue, driving the costs down even more. If you’re not from India but want to get married in this beautiful and romantic country, you definitely don’t have to stick to the 500 guest rule.


3. Canada

The cost in Canada seems to sneak up on you, as most couples estimate around $15000 of expenses but end up paying double that. This might have to do with the fact that Canadian couples tend to take more advice from others while planning a wedding. Well, here’s one piece of advice- save. You can do this by planning your wedding into details.

Make a budget list and stick to it as much as possible. Try following simple and easy flower and hairstyle trends that you can maybe do yourself. In some cases, you may even opt to make most of the decoration on your own.


4. Australia

A wedding in Australia can cost you up to $40000. With the ceremony, wedding dress, photography, entertainment, and flowers and decoration, it adds up pretty quickly. The photographer is especially expensive, costing up to $3500 in New South Wales. Since you’re trying to keep the costs down but still want beautiful photos, it’s time to think outside the box.

That’s why those on a budget should consider Sydney photography courses. By taking a course yourself, you’ll still get your gorgeous and professional wedding photos, but without the head-spinning price.


5. The UK

In the land of fairytales, the wedding costs go up to £20,000. After all, there are beautiful and traditional venues to choose from. What’s more, people choose to get married in a church as well as have a reception. More locations can sometimes rack up the price. Still, there is a simple way to spend less if you’re getting married in the UK.

Try to avoid the unnecessary and expensive traditions. When it comes to venues especially, you can choose to get married on a workday or out of season. It should cost you considerably less.


Wedding trends are constantly changing, which means that the prices don’t stay the same. You should always stay on top and know what the latest trends and prices are, as it will help you be more prepared for your own big day. Our blog might be the best place to get valuable information like that.


Guest Blog by Leila Dorari

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