3 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding Look

Flowers Hairstyles

Everyone loves flowers, they are beautiful, soft, and smell amazing, not to mention a huge part of your wedding day. Today we want to show you new ways of incorporating flowers into your wedding look. No matter what type of flowers you like or choose, these inspirations will work.

Flowers Hairstyles

Greenery Hairpieces
Flaunt your hair by adding a signature piece. This look is something brides don’t use often, but it draws lots of attention. Wether your doing and up do, full down, or half & half, here’s how to green up your hairstyle.

Floral Garter 
The lace garter is the traditional surprise look for most brides, but what if spiced things up? Ever thought of surprising your new hubby with a garter made of flowers? Brides who are looking to stand out and do something fun and fresh are trying this floral garter. The flowers smell AMAZING – plus wearing fresh flowers always makes you feel sexy + pretty.

Flower Bracelet 
Remember in high school when you went to prom and you wore a corsage on your wrist? This look is something similar to that, a flower arrangement similar to your bouquet on your wrist. Maybe you don’t want to wear it yourself, being the bride, you can have each of your bridesmaids wear one.

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