Here is How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift, According to Data

Wedding Gift

Anyone who has attended a wedding at least once in their can attest that there are quite a few expenses that come along with celebrating the nuptials of your beloved friends and family members. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the bride and groom, the amount of money you should spend and when to give your gift are all valid questions. Since this is a family member or a friend tying the knot, you should make sure you are going about this in the right way and following proper wedding gift etiquette. This will ensure that your gift is received in good spirits. Although gifts do not surmount to all of the care and happiness you have for the beloved couple, they are a necessary and warm gesture that the couple will appreciate as they begin their life together. If all of this is creating a headache for you, you can use our simple wedding gift etiquette guide below to start your gifting process.

How Much Money Is Enough for a Wedding Gift?

According to several studies done in the past few years, wedding guests usually spend an average of $118 per wedding gift, and wedding attendants usually spend $177 per event. 

You should use the closeness of your relationship with the couple to dictate the amount you are going to spend for their wedding gift. For example, if you are attending the wedding of your co-worker, you might get her and her new spouse a $75 to $100 gift card to their favorite restaurant. However, if it is your brother or sister who is tying the knot, you might instead select a $250 gift from their registry. 

What About Giving Cash- How Much Cash is Enough?

If you decide to avoid the headache of picking the perfect gift and you want to go for a monetary gift instead, you should give the amount makes you feel the most comfortable. Gifting cash is normal, and (in many cases) preferred by couples who are already living together or saving up for a dream honeymoon or other life priorities.

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