Honeymoon and periods: 5 tips for future brides

Honeymoon and periods

The day that you’ve been waiting for so long is just in a few days. You feel the excitement, stress, happiness, and probably several other things at the same time. You are not worried too much that anything could go wrong – you have great support in people around you, but there’s a little problem. It seems that your body might have decided that it’s a perfect time for your period. Now you feel really stressed. After the wedding, you plan to go on a honeymoon, and you don’t want it to be ruined by your period. How could you avoid this situation?

Keep track of your menstrual cycles!

If you want to try your luck with this method, you should start doing it much earlier before the important event. It is possible to predict the start of your period with high accuracy if you document what is happening with your body in a notebook. You should take into account that even women with regular cycles experience slight changes. It means that even if everything is alright, your period could start up to 2 days earlier or later. This way, if you want to avoid having a period on your wedding day and your honeymoon, you just need to plan in advance.

Try to start it earlier

If you already have everything planned and it seems that the timing of your period could not be worse, you could try to make it come early. How? You should start eating foods that will increase the temperature of your body. You should also be eating a lot of celery – it contains chemicals that could help you have your period faster. If you want to learn more about which foods to eat, you could check out https://www.medicinedirect.co.uk.

If you don’t want to stuff your body with different foods before your wedding and honeymoon, you could try other methods. You can increase the temperature of your body by taking hot baths every day. If you don’t have time for that, you could wear heating pads. You should also increase the frequency of your workouts. Physical activity is healthy, sure, but it would increase your body’s temperature even more, which would further increase the chances that your period comes early.

Skip it

Alternatively, you could try to achieve the opposite effect. You could try skipping your period. How to do that? If you are using monophasic birth control, you should just skip the placebo pills. When your set of active pills finishes, just start right from the beginning. If your pack contains 21 pills instead of 28, then just start a new pack, without skipping anything.

Remember that you should contact your doctor first. Although most probably you shouldn’t experience any unpleasant side effects, manipulating your body’s menstrual cycles is a complex process, which means that it’s best to consult this decision with an expert.

Wear period panties

Even if you usually wouldn’t describe yourself as a perfectionist, it’s no wonder that you want to feel that every small detail is taken care of during your wedding and honeymoon. Still, you might choose to wear period panties. They might not be the sexiest piece of lingerie you could imagine, but sexiness is not always the priority. Period panties are comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about any leakage. You rarely see movie characters go on honeymoon in period panties, but the reality is not always like fiction.

Tell others about it!

The worst thing that you could do, if your period is just around the corner is to tell nobody about it. It is already a stressful situation; you shouldn’t make it any worse. Your partner will certainly be supportive – you cannot control your body. You won’t have to worry about any leaks, because your partner will know about your period. It’s not ideal, but if it happens – so be it. There’s a reason why you are getting married. It means that you have found someone whom you can trust. Although it is understandable that you want to make this time as close to close to perfection as possible, you shouldn’t try to control every small detail. If you inform your partner about the issue at hand, you will no longer feel that it’s some secret that no one can know about. Once we share our fears with other people, they stop having the same effect on us.

It’s going to be alright!

Although you might think that having a period during your honeymoon is the end of the world, there are several things that you could do to deal with this problem. It is rarely the case that everything goes according to the plan, but if you start preparing in advance, you should avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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