Honeymoon Budget Tips | Do’s & Don’ts

Honeymoon Budget Tips

The honeymoon is a time for newly married couples to express more love and explore their passion for one another. It’s a time to enjoy the feeling of being together, visit places and build a deeper bond. However, including a honeymoon budget in the wedding budget can cause your wedding budget to skyrocket. Because of this, many couples try to avoid a honeymoon budget and just focus on the wedding budget. Since that can be quite stressful, while you plan for your wedding. Since, every newly married couple desire a glamorous, exciting and adventurous honeymoon experience; We’ve created this list of honeymoon budget tips.

Honeymoon Budget Tips

 Honeymoon Budget Tips
Honeymoon Island

1. Add your honeymoon into the wedding budget

Don’t be carried away by the financial stress of handling a wedding budget. I think you should add your honeymoon budget too and then think about how to cut down the excesses. At least 30% of your wedding budget should be assigned for the honeymoon or 50% of your guest’s financial contribution should be assigned for the honeymoon budget. You need somewhere nice to enjoy the first few days of your married life, if you don’t plan to run straight to the apartment you will be sharing with your partner.

2. Decide on location and Price

Booking a hotel situated at the center of the city or a popular resort area can really cost lots of dollars. Moreover, a honeymoon should be more of quietness, exploration of passion and natural fulfillment so, a local serene environment will be good. You should book a hotel that’s cheap with a room for both of you at the front of a pool or river rather than an ocean. This will cost you less and you will have less distraction.

3. Honeymoon transporation

If you are considering having your honeymoon outside your city or internationally, then you should consider the means of transportation. Employ travel agents to know the right time to book a flight, the cost, and the exchange rate in your honeymoon location. Nevertheless, considering a honeymoon location within a driving distance will save you some extra dollars for shopping. You can also decide to take a bus or a train if it would cost you less than driving in your own car. The most important thing is that you are having fun with the one you love.

4. dining on the honeymoon

Many hotel restaurants will charge you twice more than what you would pay at a local restaurant. So, if you are trying to cut cost or maximize the money in your registry, consider eating from a local restaurant. You will also enjoy delicious freshly prepared meals at the local restaurant than the hotel restaurant. Eating at a local restaurant will help you stay on your feeding budget.

 Honeymoon Budget Tips
Dinner on an Island?
5. stick to the budget

There might be a need for you to spend extra money on your honeymoon, extra shopping expenses, use a spa that you have to pay for, etc. You don’t have to incur any more debt you will have to struggle to pay back after the honeymoon. With these honeymoon budget tips, keep some extra cash in your pocket in case something goes wrong.

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