How to Make a Wedding Boudoir Book

Wedding Boudoir Book

Are you ready to make a gorgeous and sexy boudoir photo book that will truly make your partner’s jaw drop and make his heart?

Putting together a sexy and risqué boudoir book has become a popular trend for brides to give unsuspecting grooms on their wedding day. However, you should keep in mind that Boudoir Books make the perfect, birthday, anniversary, and Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift too! Trust us, to your partner, it is always a good time to gift a Boudoir Photo Book! He does not care what the occasion is, as long as he gets to keep it! 

Here are some tips and tricks on making the best Boudoir Book for your boo! 

You do not have to wear lingerie

We can all agree that sexy lingerie is a symbol for boudoir photography. However, this certainly does not mean that you HAVE to wear the bare necessities only. You always have an option of opting for more modest look with silky robes, playful dresses, or even men’s attire that is more covering (for example, a jersey from his favorite pro sports team). 

Avoid tanning right before your photoshoot 

Even though you may think it would be a great idea to add a spray tan or tanning salon session in your pre-photoshoot preparation regime, that is not actually true. Boudoir photoshoots usually use lighting techniques that will capture the glow and hue of your skin, and they are usually pretty revealing in nature. Therefore, any slight orange streaks from tanning will show up in the pictures. The Boudoir shoot is about capturing your raw, real beauty, and your boo is going to adore that! 

When it comes to waxing, be extra careful 

If you pare going to make an appointment for a bikini or body wax, make sure to book your visit about a week before the photoshoot is scheduled, in order to ensure that no bumps or redness will be visible on the photographs. If your skin is easily irritated or extra sensitive, keep this in mind when shaving as well. 

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