Husband Training – The Best Tips and Steps in 2020

Husband Training

“Husband training” sounds weird, right? It is not a punish-your-husband movement, if you may be thinking that. Husband training is being your best to get the best out of your husband.

Before you start training your husband, you need to understand how they think. Here are some tips about how to do just that.

Know Thy Husband

You need to understand the type of person your husband is before you even attempt to train him. Every individual is different and every individual has their own individual behaviors.

Getting to know your husband includes many different questions:

  • Is your husband the one who won’t let the T.V remote out of his sight?
  • Does he sulk or talk about things he doesn’t like?
  • Is your husband an early riser or late sleeper?
  • Does your husband enjoy playing games?

How will this help? Well, once you understand how your husband operates, you will know all of his “pain points”. This will make it easier to get your husband’s attention once you want it.

Use The Lure and Bait Tactics

Applying these tactics is easy to apply once you have applied the first step and truly got to know your husbands. The first step will give you a perfect understanding of your husband, and this step will teach you what works for husband training.

So, this is pretty much how it works: “If you this, you will get that.” This is not blackmailing! This is just a simple bait tactic: he will get certain luxuries or rewards if they do a task.

Baby Steps, Order, And Patience

The process of husband training is a slow and steady one. If you go too fast and if you give him too many things to work with all at once, it will confuse him and set the whole process back.

Here is how you should do it: by creating a scale of preference when you need your husband to do something. The things should start from the most important and end with the least important.

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