How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor

Do you find it difficult choosing a maid of honor among your friends or relatives? Don’t worry. It’s quite simple and easy with the following tips.

A maid means an assistant. Someone who can help you take care of issues and you can even tell them things that you want to be done. With a maid, you don’t have the fear of your request getting turned down. A maid of honor does something similar to this, just that she serves you intentionally and just for the wedding period. She’s happy to be by your side planning for your big day and while you say I DO.

Choosing a maid of honor can sometimes be uneasy due to loads of responsibilities on you and rigorous planning activities towards the wedding day. Or sometimes you might place each of your friends in an almost equal position in your heart and can’t really pick the best person for the position. Seeing your best gal around while you say I do will definitely increase your courage and confidence as she cheers you on and helps you go through the rigors of the wedding planning.

You must be very thoughtful in choosing your maid of honor. This is because of the responsibilities that being a maid of honor entails and not just the title.

90% of the persons you might ask if she will like to be your MOH will say yes. Purposely because of the joy of the wedding season and the title of being a maid of honor. However, only a few will have the capacity to handle the responsibilities that the position entails.

You can’t carry out all the wedding planning activities all by yourself as the bride-to-be, you need help.  Your maid of honor should be the next person to you in a time like this.

Don’t worry if you have lots of persons coming through your mind as your maid of honor. You don’t have to rush in making the decision because you need someone who can be there for you sacrificially.

Tips to Choose Your Maid of Honor

1. How intimate is your friendship?

Your maid of honor should be someone intimate that you can open up your heart too so that she can help you bear the burden of the wedding planning.  An intimate friend or a sister is the best option

2. Will she be available?

Choose someone who leaves in the neighborhood and has a flexible job schedule so you can do the planning together.

3. be sure she’s willing

Don’t force someone to be your MOH because you were hers when she got married. Give them time to decide so that they can be happy being your maid of honor.

4. be sure she’s capable

Don’t choose an introvert or someone who is timid as your MOH. You need an active and outspoken person, someone who you can really discuss with and she will get out there to do anything for you.

Is she current with fashion trends, prices of an items, and modern wedding planning? It’s not required, but if yes, it can make things easier on you both!

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