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White Wedding Bouquets

A bride’s bouquet should fit into the general concept of the celebration and combine well with the decor of the site and with the bridal gown. And is there a better way to combine your bouquet and your wedding dress than to make them be the same color? White wedding bouquets are some of the most elegant and stylish wedding bouquets out there, and it is a shame that future brides often overlook them.

To make this task easier, we have collected some ideas for stylish white wedding bouquet inspiration for 2021 weddings. 

White Anemone

If you are a bride that is considering a formal black and white wedding or an evening wedding, you should definitely ask your florist about using white anemones with dark centers in her bridal bouquet. Anemones (very often called windflowers) are in season from January through April, but they can be imported in the second half of the year too. 

White Peonies

Softball-sized blossoms of peonies are going to make a dramatic choice for a single blossom variety bridal bouquet. Peonies are in season from May to June. In the language of flowers, peonies symbolize bashfulness, which is going to be a sweet sentiment for a soft-spoken and kind bride.


Daisies are very affordable flowers, which makes them a perfect white option for a low-cost wedding, so a bride can have a larger bouquet or can budget in bridesmaid’s bouquets for a large wedding party. On top of being very affordable (and absolutely adorable), daisies also have a lovely meaning in the language of flowers; they symbolize innocence.

White Hypericum Berries

White hypericum berries are going to add a rustic touch to a group of white tulips and white cabbage roses. If you decide to go with this option, make sure to lfor in-season winter bouquet fillers like berries and twigs to switch it up from the typical greenery for some unexpected character. 

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