Wedding Games for Kids for Any Wedding Type

Wedding Games

Entertaining children at weddings is up there with one of our most asked about bridal dilemmas and potential issues. So many couples that are in the process of planning their wedding with little guests on the list tend to panic because they are worried that kids will be bored, which will drive their parents insane. To make this process easier, we have created a list of the best ways to entertain children at weddings, because a happy crew of kids will make life so much easier on your fabulous day.

Fair Weather Fun – Outdoor Games

If your wedding venue has a garden or decent outside area and the weather is good, why not provide old school outdoor games? Some of the most fun lawn games include Twister, outdoor Jenga, hopscotch, lawn bowling, and Connect4 will keep them occupied for hours. Simple kites, skipping ropes and hula hoops are also great options.

Rainy Day Entertainment

If the weather is not on your side, why not set up an area full of boardgames or jigsaws? Retro favorites such as Guess Who, Monopoly, Operation, or Hungry Hippos will keep them busy and encourage kids to mingle. This is also a great option for older kids on the guest list.

Arty-Crafty Occupation

Kids love to make and do, so a mini area with pots of crayons and craft supplies like stickers, pipe cleaners, play dough to get creative with will go down a treat. Wedding themed crafts like include activities like designing a wedding dress, making cards for the bride and groom, decorating a cake, or even making DIY masks for a photo-booth! They are going to create hours of fun for little hands, and give parents hours and hours of fun.

Kids Table

If there’s a number of children of the same age attending (and they’re old enough for it), you should make the wedding more fun for them by seating them all together and letting them entertain each other as a group. You can make a particular menu for them, and you should definitely consider hiring a baby-sitter or minder to supervise.

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