5 Ways To Measure Your Ring Size

measure your ring size

Knowing the exact size of your ring finger is important before ordering to buy a ring either at an online shop or at a jewelers shop. Am sure you wouldn’t want to go through the stress of resizing your ring after buying because that can cost you extra dollars that you might not be prepared for. However, measuring your ring size is simple and easy even without you having to visit the jeweler’s shop. Moreover, you must be aware that there is a possibility that each of your fingers might have a different measurement, therefore you must measure your ring size to wear the ring.

5 ways to Measure Your Ring Size

Measure your finger knuckle with a rope, folded paper or a tape measure

Asking why you should measure your finger knuckles? Yes, because it’s a bit larger than the base of your finger. Your finger knuckles are the place that will determine if the ring will pass through your finger freely. Therefore you can measure it with a rope, paper or tape measure, then mark out the place where the edge forms a rounded shape with your finger. Place either the rope, paper or measuring take on the ruler and measure in millimeter. The measurement is the inner circumference of the ring that will perfectly fit your finger.

measure your ring finger
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Use a ring sizer app

If you have an existing ring that you love and fits your finger perfectly well, then that’s pretty easy. Download a ring sizer app online, you will see several rings sizes then place your existing ring directly so that the inner circumference of your ring matches the edges on the ring sizer perfectly.

Purchase a bunch of metal ring sizer from Amazon

The metal ring sizer has a bunch of several rounded shape metal with various sizes. Try each of the metal ring sizers on your finger until you are able to locate one that perfectly fit your finger without being too tight or falling off.

Use a ring size chart

Fold a paper around the base of your finder with a little free movement and mark the point where the paper edge meets with the other length in a rounded shape. Measure the length of the marked part in Millimeter and check for the corresponding measurement on the ring size chart. However, you should make sure that you measure the finger that you’re planning to wear a ring on so you can have an accurate size.

Visit the jeweler’s shop

If you have the luxury of time to visit the jewelers’ shop, that isn’t bad either. Visiting the jeweler’s shop will give you a chance to try out several real rings until you locate your actual size. You wouldn’t need to do any guesswork. The jeweler can also help you measure your ring size.

Measure Your Ring Size
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