Modest Wedding Dresses to Inspire

Wedding Dresses to Inspire

All of the brides-to-be are going to agree that the wedding is one of the most important and of the most beautiful days of their lives. The wedding date signifies a new phase of your life, you are becoming someone’s wife, and you will want to leave your groom breathless by looking drop-dead gorgeous.

However, a lot of brides that practice modesty have a harder time finding the dress of their dreams. With all of the modern trends forcing hemlines higher and necklines lower, it can be challenging to find something modest and tasteful, for the brides that are interested in keeping those valued alive. 

But, there is no reason to be worried; we have prepared a list of some of the most beautiful and inspiring modest wedding dresses. Keep reading to get inspired and find your perfect modest wedding dress. 

Modest Wedding Dresses with Sleeves 

Long sleeves are a perfect option if you are looking for coverage or a chic old-fashioned design and feel! The wedding dress you can see below is an excellent example of how long sleeves and a higher neckline can be youthful and elegant, not stuffy and boring. The higher neckline and half sleeves cover up your skin, while the lace on the sleeves shows of little peeks of skin. You should look into wedding dresses with lace or illusion sleeves and necklines to achieve the same effect. 

Modest Wedding Dresses with Illusion Necklines

Illusion necklines are perfect for brides looking for more coverage without sacrificing style. Look for dresses with a high illusion bateau neckline, which sits just below the collarbone and draws the eye towards your neck and clavicle. This neckline is perfect if you want to achieve modesty, because it lengthens your neck while providing plenty of coverage that you are going for. But you do not want to overwhelm the delicate design of the bateau neckline with too much accessories.  

Modest Wedding Dresses with High Necklines

Wedding dresses with the higher necklines are a perfect way to achieve the modest, classic, and covered look. Wedding dresses with the higher necklines are chic, elegant, tasteful, very stylish, and they provide the security and modesty on top of that. This style of bodice shows off your figure without revealing too much. Plus, higher necklines are universally flattering and timeless, meaning you won’t look back on your gown in thirty years wondering what you were thinking when you bought it.

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