Family Proposal Ideas

Family Proposal Ideas

It is always fun to include your beloved friends and family into the marriage proposal. Your loved ones are going to automatically bring that celebration to another level, and we all know that happiness is always better shared. You should keep in mind that family members and friends members might have a hard time keeping a secret because they are so excited about the news!

If you know that your partner would love to share that experience with the family, you can find many different and fun ways to include the family members into your proposal. Here are just some of them, to get you inspired. 

Do not make a crowd. 

When there are too many people blocking the photographer and the couple, it is not very good. Instead of an intimate moment, you are going to have a family meeting, and everyone will want to have a say. Try to make it more personal and intimate, and cut the number of people you invite.

Incorporate family into the actual proposal. 

You can also ask your family to participate in the moment of the actual proposal. If you have a ‘Marry Me?’ sign, you can ask her parents or her sister to hold it. Alternatively, you can let them bring balloons or flowers after you get off the knee and she says yes. It will be fun for them to participate and you will make your partner feel important.

Make it double surprise. 

It is going to be fun to surprise your partner more than once! You can propose in an intimate, private atmosphere with just the two of you there. After the proposal, the photographer can suggest taking some pictures and bring the two of you to the place where all the family members will be waiting for you. Your future wife is going to be impressed for sure. After some family celebrations, suggest going for dinner, where the rest of the family and friends should be waiting for you. 

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