Mother of the Bride Wedding Hairstyles

mother of the bride hairstyles

So, your daughter is getting married? The day you have been waiting for her whole life has finally arrived. You have probably stuck by your daughter’s side through endless wedding appointments. As well as, you are always there to give your (occasionally unsolicited but always correct) opinion. Getting ready for her wedding is your time to relax and shine, and figuring out your own wedding-day style is a part of that process! To make it easier, we have created the list of mother-of-the-bride hairstyles that are going to inspire you.

Formal Updo

The option of going for a hairstyle that is similar to your daughter always exists, and it is insanely cute! The bride and the bride’s mother can choose pinned and polished updos for the big day. Just be careful: with a style like this, you should stash a few extra bobby pins in your clutch, especially if you want to hit the dance floor.

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up half-down hairstyles can easily complement any style of dress, wedding, or face shape. This hairstyle is perfect for the women who like having their hair down, but still do not want the hair to bother them during the best day of their daughter’s life.

Side-Swept Style

This hairstyle is beautiful and elegant, and it can be accomplished by pinning a couple of glittering hair accessories into the side-swept locks. This look brings a lot of extra glamour and timeless class.

Polished Chignon

A classic chignon is a very beautiful and elegant hairstyle, and it is made all the more beautiful with some shine spray. Spritz some on and your locks will be just as light-catching as that of this teary-eyed mother of the bride. Because this hairstyle is very simple and sleek, you can get away with some beautiful earnings or even some hair accessories.

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