Must Take Pre-Wedding Photos!

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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and it happens once for most. However, the wedding photos are what is kept and cherished forever! That is why you need to give them special attention and that is why you need to put in that extra effort. Trust us; five, ten, or thirty years from now, you will be so happy that you did. You are going to cherish those precious moments captured in your wedding photos. Here are some of the must take pre-wedding photos!  

A Good Morning Shot

Before the madness of the wedding starts, make sure to snap a few pictures of your wedding morning. They can include your parents, your bridesmaids, the groom, and his groomsman, everyone getting ready… the possibilities are endless! 

The Wedding Shoes

And while you are there and getting ready, make sure to ask your photographer to snap a few pictures of your wedding shoes. You have probably paid a lot of money from them, and they are probably fabulous, so they deserve their own picture. Also, as most of the wedding dresses are long, the shoes probably will not get the moment of attention they deserve. If you can, put your future-husband’s shoes next to yours and you are golden. Totally frame-worthy! 

The Venue 

You put so much time, effort, and money into that venue; you better make a few photographers take a few pictures of it! Trust us, you will want to see it years and years from now, and relive that happy, blissful moment. Make sure to get pictures of the venue, the ceremony setup, the details, the cake… capture everything and anything you can. 

The Bouquets

Make sure to get a couple of close up and beautiful shots of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets for keepsake. Your wedding is pretty much the only opportunity in life to carry a bouquet, make sure to capture that moment! 

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