Chic and Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor weddings are a hit for modern couples for very many different reasons: ample space, natural beauty, and natural lighting. It all makes for a magical time and some fantastic pictures! If you are searching for some new and refreshing outdoor wedding ideas to make the most of your wedding venue, you will find some that will inspire you in this post.


  1. Vintage tea station

Do you have a classy and vintage theme winter wedding in mind? This is an idea for you! A vintage tea station in rustic shades of fall colors will look perfect in that theme. And do not forget your delicate China cups! If you don’t have fancy china (or you don’t want to risk it), you can find sets of it at your local thrift store. You won’t be sorry if it breaks, and your guests will enjoy a sophisticated setting and some warm tea during the reception.


  1. Truck with décor

This outside wedding idea will make for the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding venue!  Getting an old truck should be easy- just visit your local car landfill and buy one in good condition; they should be very cheap. When we say the good condition, we don’t mean drivable. It should just not fall apart. It should look old, vintage, and a bit rustic. Then, fill it with floral arrangements in tins. It gives a retro vibe to the whole wedding, and it will make for a fantastic background for taking photos with your quests.


  1. Pampas grass table décor

Pampas grass should never be missing in the outdoor wedding. In fact, pampas grass is a simple decoration idea for a romantic outdoor wedding, and pampas make for unique table centerpieces.


  1. Rattan light fixtures

Rattan lights are one of the most beautiful ideas for an outdoor wedding. They are the perfect add on for romantic evening weddings, because they are soothing, and they bring a calm and mystical glow to your outdoor setting. They are also very cheap, which is always a plus when it comes to wedding budget planning.

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