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If you are currently planning your wedding, you probably received a piece of advice that goes something like this “Hire a wedding planner, they will make your life so much easier!” However, is that really true? Does a wedding planner make much of a difference and does the investment pay off? You will have to decide that by yourself, but we can help by providing you with the list of duties that the wedding planner will have to fulfill. 

Main Duties of a Wedding Planner 

Wedding planner has many tasks. Some of them are smaller and might seem insignificant, but all together, they do make a significant difference. Some of the main duties of a wedding planner include: 

  • Helping the couple develop your wedding aesthetic/theme/design 
  • Working with the couple to identify their top priorities for the wedding
  • Developing a realistic budget based on those things.
  • Customizing a wedding planning timeline to fit the couple’s needs and help the couple check everything off the list
  • Researching venues and vendor, gathering proposals, and presenting the couple with top choices
  • Connecting the couple with qualified, reputable vendors and walking the couple through the booking process
  • Advising the couple on how to get the most bang for your buck and save money on your wedding
  • Scheduling and attending venue tours, catering tastings, and other vendor meetings
  • Creating floor plans and advising on event flow
  • Coordinating the wedding, which includes several meetings with the couple, finalizing details with all of the vendors, creating a detailed timeline for the day, facilitating the wedding rehearsal 
  • Making all the phone calls and sending all the emails 

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