Wedding Day Emergency Kit Assembly

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is the best day and the happiest day of your life!

As you are preparing for the best, you’ll also need to get prepared for any mishaps that can occur. For example, if your makeup artist forgets to come with the mascara, moisturizer, scissors, cotton swabs, the right shade of foundation, or if one of the groom’s men couldn’t find his cufflinks.

Whether your wedding planner comes with an emergency kit or not, you should also learn how to assemble one which will include some basic emergency goodies.

Assembling An Emergency Kit For Your Wedding Day:

Firstly, you can purchase an emergency kit online that includes all the items you think you might need or your wedding day. This will only cost you a few dollars.

Secondly, you can also create one for yourself.

  1. Get an emergency kit bag. You can purchase an empty emergency kit bag or use one of your handbags for this purpose
  2. Make a list of all possible items you would like to include in your emergency kit bag.

Items For Your Emergency Kit Bag:

First, aid items are Scissors, cotton wool, plaster, blister pad, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and shavers!

Also, fresh breath and a dry mouth, you will need some candy, chocolate, mints, and floss.

For the wedding venue: a lighter, a spare ballpoint pen for the guest book.

For any emergencies with your wedding dress; you will need safety pins, hem tape, fashion tape, tide pen or white chalk (as stain removal), and a sewing kit.

Your personal emergency need: hand sanitizer, blister pads, sunglasses, eye drops, sanitary pads, a pair of white earring, drinking straw, antacid for an upset stomach, and an allergy relief(if you have an allergic situation), a pack of travel tissue, wipes, paper gum.

Makeup emergency items: eyeliner, mascara, skin moisturizer, lip gloss, foundation, pair of tweezers, white nail polish, super glue, perfume, lipstick.

Emergency Items For Your Hair:

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clip
  • Crotchet hook
  • Hair spray
  1. Arrange these items in separate compartments. You should pack all first aid items in separately, hair clips, pins, and tapes separately, all makeup item separately and so on.
  2. Tag each compartment by writing the names of the items inside it on a paper tape and stick the paper tape on the container. This is so that you can know where an item is at a glance during an emergency situation.
  3. Make sure you double check your emergency kit a week before your wedding day so that you can be sure everything is intact.

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