French Manicure Wedding Nail Trends

Wedding Nail Trends

Have you thought about some unique designs and patterns for your wedding manicure? If haven’t got any idea, we’ll help you out on some unique wedding nail trends.

If you want to look unique, gorgeous, classic and romantic just like a princess on the happiest day of your life, then the French mani wedding nail trends are just perfect for you. With our French mani wedding nail trends, you will boldly and gorgeously flaunt your wedding ring on your big day.

Combining the French mani designs and the modern nails patterns, you can be able to personalize your wedding nail designs just like you would do for a signature cocktail.

Wedding Nail Trends


  1. White nails with personalized design designs

If you want to go natural for your wedding makeup look then white nails with a personalized pattern of flowers or your partner’s name will make your fingers standout and attractive while you flaunt your ring or holding a bouquet of flowers.

  1. On the rock

To make this design, you can have a pink, nude or brown nails with white matte dot embellishment. The matte rock dots make your fingers standout in your wedding outfit.

  1. French twist

French twist is a trending French mani design for wedding nails. Pink nails with heart-shaped tips just like a French ombre makes the French twist nail design.

  1. Mountain and valley

You will make personalized wavy or contour lines on pink nails and then make a rock matte dot on either side of the wavy line just like a valley passing between the mountains

  1. Flowers and leaves

Flower and leave designs are made on nude nails with your wedding theme.

  1. Butterfly designs on a French twist.

This is a combination of two designs. When you have a French twist nails design then made a butterfly design on the ombre.

  1. Bronze glitters

When you have a white nails design, then accent the wedding ring fingernail. The accent nail will then be painted with bronze glitters. Follow the same pattern on the second hand also.

  1. Matte love nails

On a pink nails, accent two nails by inscribing an L on a nail and O on the other nail with matte. On the second hand too, accent two nails and inscribe V on a nail and E on the other nail.

Here are more designs for you to try out. They are just a combination of the designs we already learned. You can make them in a unique and personalized way.

  • Coffin shaped nails
  • Glitter strips on plain nails
  • Nails with glittering rhinestones
  • French ombre nails with an Accent glittering nail
  • Sparkling two accent nails
  • White, ombre and glitter nails
  • Pink nails with rhinestones
  • Rhinestones on ombre
  • Long ombre with rhinestones
  • Nude nails with white tips and an accent glittering nail
  • White sparkling nails with a pearl accent nail
  • Light grey nails with white tips and an accent nail with rhinestone
  • Light chrome white nails with two accent glittering nails
  • Pink nails with white tips and flowery patterns
  • Nude nails with two accent nail with silver strip

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