Say YES to Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

wedding budget

Even though it’s true that newlyweds should splurge on the most beautiful event of their lives, the fact that no one wants to go broke is even more accurate. From overpriced catering services, venues and the dream dress, it’s certain that any bride might go over her wedding budget. Nevertheless, if you are someone who wants to have a well thought-out game plan on their wedding day, and end up with a lot of extra money for a luxurious honeymoon, then read on.

As a matter of fact, pulling off a spectacular budget-friendly wedding does not have to be as difficult as most people would imagine. By making better choices, and looking out for more cost-efficient alternatives, anyone is able to hold themselves accountable with a wedding budget. So, here are some of the best tips to have a beautiful, show stopper wedding day without breaking the bank.

Wedding Budget

Stay away from excessive wedding Inspo

When planning a wedding, it is quite easy to get caught up with all the inspirational Instagram and Pinterest pages with latest wedding trends. From over the top decorations to fantastic ways to entertain, the internet seems to have it all. Even though it is a good idea to check inspirational pages when looking out for unique ideas, it is certain that brides tend to overdo their research. By ignoring some of the so-called “must haves”, it is definite that your wallet will thank you later!

Also, newlyweds can easily fall into the trap of peer pressure. Remember to avoid trying to copy someone or topping off an extravagant wedding. Certainly, all the unnecessary additions that might look good on photographs add up, which results in overspending. So, avoid all the crazy temptations and expensive ideas if you’re stuck to a budget. Most importantly, do not get caught up in silly details that will not matter in the long run.

Plan Slowly

Newly engaged couples tend to make the mistake of rushing into planning a wedding. In reality, when you get into the mindset of having to rush, you’re easily going to stress yourself out. A better alternative to rushing is keeping things stress-free and going slow. Weddings are grand events that requires a lot of planning, from hiring florists, caterers, and even musicians to entertain. Also, not to mention compiling a guest list and sending out invitations! Instead, opt for a longer engagement. This will not only save your sanity but also offer more opportunities to get a hold of stuff at lower prices.

By planning slowly, any bride has more time to carefully look for the perfect wedding dress, search for an appropriate venue, hire the best band and so on. On the other hand, by setting a specific time limit, newlyweds are more likely to go for the first thing available. Often times, this might not always be the best option. A great idea is to plan a wedding event outside of the peak season, ranging from April to mid-October. Of course, most couples will want to get married during the summertime. However, opt for Winter if you are a fan of magical weddings.

Hire family members or friends

If you have talented family members, or know a friend or two who has a special gift, then make use of that information and save a lot of money along the way. It is certain that cooks, musicians, photographers, and others charge a lot for their services at weddings. Remember that kid from high school who was super talented with his camera? Or have a group of friends who are in a successful band?

Reach out to these familiar individuals and ask for help, it’s possible to salvage the budget costs without going over the top. Of course, wedding planners always recommend searching for backup plans if money remains a slight issue. An excellent option newlywed couples should consider is cost-effective wedding loans. These can provide a solution for issues with insufficient funds. With a few tweaks here and there, any bride is able to relax and not worry about anything going wrong.

Go for cost-effective flowers

Every little girl dreams of having a field of flowers on their wedding day. Nevertheless, flower arrangements are one of the priciest things to consider when planning the perfect wedding. Thankfully, there are a lot of beautiful, yet low-cost flowers available to showcase on your big day. For example, classics such as roses or hydrangeas are perfect since they are available year-round! Of course, it is recommended to consult a florist beforehand. Find out what is in season and what is most appropriate for such events.

Also, a lot of florists advise incorporating more greens to wedding budget costs. In fact, the best way to keep in budget limits is to hand-make the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets. With the help of a loving mother or sister, any new bride is able to handcraft a gorgeous set of personally designed bouquets.

The bottom line is, keeping to the wedding budget does not have to be too difficult when planning a dream wedding. By making smarter choices and choosing cheaper alternatives, any bride is able to keep their sanity and enjoy in bliss.

This article was written by guest blogger Leila Dorari.

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