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Pasadena Princess Estate

Have you been dreaming of shooting your wedding photos at our Pasadena Princess Estate? It’s no surprise you want to capture your once in a lifetime wedding photos here. However, you may have some doubts about booking. If this is you keep reading as I give you four reasons why every bride should shoot her wedding, engagement, save the date, or proposal photos here. Keep Scrolling…

Pasadena Princess Estate

#1 History

This mansion sits on a historical piece of the original Pasadena Gardens. The old home that once was on the property caught fire and was torn down to renovate this exquisite palace. With Chinese architecture featuring great lion statues throughout the gardens. The Lion statues are a symbol of Chinese Buddhism and are thought to protect the building from harmful spiritual influences. So you know it’s all good vibes! However, the history isn’t the only special thing about this property. When it comes to photoshoots, the Pasadena Princess Estate provides a wide variety of backdrop options.

Pasadena Princess Estate
Stone Bridge at the Pasadena Princess

#2 Variety

Sitting on almost a full acre of superb landscapes, this mansion provides private gardens, koi ponds, animal shaped hedges, bamboo forests, stained glass gazebos, tennis courts, stone walkways, marble pools, and state of the art stone lion statues. With that being said, there are hundreds of photo ideas to create. Brides are constantly asking for more time for their photoshoot to discover all that the grounds have to offer. Variety is a great thing to have, but privacy is much more important.

Pasadena Princess estate
In the Gardens at Pasadena Princess

#3 Privacy

Finding a private place to shoot your wedding photos should be the number one thing on your list other than a great photographer. Not having to worry about wasting time by letting strangers walk by your photos is a must! Also, being able to have quiet so you can listen to your photographer guide you through different poses is great. There’s nothing more annoying than saying HUH, or WHAT? That leads us to our next reason why you need to book the Pasadena Princess Estate, being comfortable!

Pasadena Princess Estate
On the Balconies at Pasadena Princess

#4 Comfortability

It’s so awkward when people stare at you when you’re all dressed up in a wedding gown in a public place! It makes you feel more stiff, therefore your photos come out stiff as well. So go private when booking your wedding photoshoot. Be comfortable, in a private place with beautiful features that has good vibes!

Pasadena Princess Estate
Pasadena Princess Stroll

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