Planning a Small Wedding

Planning a Small Wedding

There was a time when the couple used to invite everyone and anyone they knew to their wedding celebration. The list used to include extended families, family friends, old friends, and everyone they work with. However, this has drastically changed, and in recent years, that has shifted in favor of intimate weddings.

More and more couples are now choosing to with fewer guests than before, and much later in their lives.

Planning a small wedding is a bit different than planning a bigger wedding, and it requires a rather special approach to it. However, there is no need to worry, because we have prepared a list of tips and tricks that will help you along the way. 


If you are having an intimate wedding, you will be inviting only your nearest and dearest friends and family, which in some ways may be easier to decide.

As a couple, you should agree about a number that you feel comfortable with, and work towards this. Typically, a small wedding consists of about 50 people, which means 25 on each side. 

You should really consider if you want to include ‘plus one’s’ or just individuals, and whether you want to invite your close work colleagues only or none at all. Keep in mind that consistency on both sides is what will prevent arguments!


Once you figure out your guest list, it will be easy to calculate the total cost, by knowing the cost per head. Once you figure out the total budget you can afford, you will know which wedding venues you can afford. 


If you are having a small wedding with fewer people attending, you have to nail the size of the wedding venue. If the venue is too big, it will look like a bunch of people did not show up. However, if you get a venue that is too small, it could look like you have skimped on costs. 

Make sure to visit all the venues you are considering, and decide on the one that fits your needs the best.

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