Top 5 places to register for your 2020 wedding

register for your 2020 wedding

Finding the place to register for your wedding can be pretty hard to narrow down. You can narrow your list down by thinking about the stores that sell practical items that you will use in your everyday life and the stores that you shop at frequently. Avoid registering at more than five places, because it will be easier for both you and your guests. If you are all out if ideas, we have found five most popular places for you to register for your 2020 wedding.



If you want to create a “relaxed summer home” vibe in your new place, then POTTERY BARN is the perfect for you to register at. And as a plus, you are going to save 10% off your purchases 6 months after your wedding day.



If you value one-stop-shopping convenience above anything else, then this is the perfect place to register. They offer everything that a couple might need for their life together: linens, basic houseware, and appliances. One of the perks with registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond is that you get a 10% completion discount on items you registered for but didn’t receive.



If you love modern furniture and houseware and want to get more of it for your new home, then you should register here. Crate & Barrel is the perfect store to find the essentials you need to furnish your home.  



This store sells a lot of high-end clothes, like Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, but that is not it has to offer. Bloomingdale’s offers fine china, kitchenware, bed and bath, and some beautiful home decor. All in all, a perfect place for a new couple to register at.



You should sign up for Best Buy Wish Lists If having state-of-the-art electronics and home appliances is at the top of your list. The store also offers a Pitch in card that lets guests contribute to the joint purchase of big-ticket items (50-inch plasma TV is a good example). This option is amazing for furnishing your house and buying those more expensive items. 

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