Rehearsal Dinner Ideas That WOW in 2019

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Wedding rehearsal dinners are very often overlooked and not used to their full potential. Future bride and groom and bridesmaids are also usually busy with planning the bachelor and bachelorette party and… well, the wedding itself. Here are some ideas for you to have fun with your wedding rehearsal dinner, and there are also some practical tips and pieces of advice on how to plan it.


Choose A Theme for the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner:

If there are a place and time to have some fun, it is a wedding rehearsal dinner. Of course, have a budget in mind and don’t overspend, but you do not have to be traditional and “play by the rules.” For example, you have a fun idea of Game of Thrones-themed wedding rehearsal dinner? Don’t be afraid to go for it.


Include the Parents:

It is a tradition for the bride’s parents to pay the bill for the wedding, and the groom’s parents are expected to take care of the rehearsal dinner. Even if you’re a non-traditional couple, you can still apply this format on your big day, we actually recommend it. It is most likely that both the bride’s and grooms’ parents will want to be included and responsible for something. In order to avoid conflict, you can use rehearsal dinner is the perfect project to have them tackle and come out feeling great.


Let Your Quests Know in Time:

Once you have decided on the date and location of the wedding rehearsal dinner, you should send out formal invitations. You should also choose a date that is very close to the day of the wedding.


Choose Your Guest List:

Everyone invited to the wedding should be invited to a wedding rehearsal dinner, no exception. Keep in mind that, maybe, someone won’t be able to come and that is entirely okay. If your budget allows you, all of these quests should be allowed a + 1.

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