Bridal Shower Ideas for The Best Party in 2019

bridal shower ideas

Bridal showers are usually fun, but these few ideas will help you take your bridal shower to the next level! Keep reading to get some of the best bridal shower themes for your event, that will make the bride remember that day forever!


Cocktail Party

This type of bridal shower is ideal if you would like to have a bridal shower in the comfort of your home. It is a good idea to have this shower at home because this is a perfect opportunity for every attendee to get tipsy and have a good time. On top of that, it’s inexpensive because cocktails are so expensive to buy in bars or restaurants. So, buy the ingredients, put some music on, and have fun!


Spa Bridal Shower Party

This one may sound a little bit weird the first time you read it, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Usually, bridal showers are held at restaurants, bars, backyards, and ballrooms. However, spas are one option that is equally good and mostly neglected.

Before you throw this kind of a bridal shower party, ask the bride to make sure that this is her kind of fun. Also, that this would be something she would enjoy. If yes, you can all enjoy the day of pampering your skin, body, and mind for the big day.


Beach Bridal Shower Party

If you live somewhere near a beautiful beach and if the season is right, it is very creative to throw a bridal shower party at the beach. Make this daylight, fun and joyful by making a beach castle, flying a kite and sipping in the sea/ocean. You can also order some drinks for the bar by the beach, and have everyone simply relax before the big day. Like a one-day vacation.

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