Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Relationship Red Flags

Being in love is beautiful, and everyone hopes to find the right person and spend the rest of their lives with them. But we can sometimes become “blindly in love” and close our eyes to some significant red flags. Those should not be ignored.

Often times, it is hard to let go of all the work and time that is put into that relationship. However, red flags become redder with time, and every problem in the relationship will multiply by a hundred once you guys get married.

Every relationship is different and unique, but here are some red flags no one should ignore.

Your partner is irresponsible, unstable, unpredictable and you cannot count on them

If your partner cannot take care of himself, has no solid plans for his life and his future, can’t hold down a job and doesn’t plan his life, he will not make a right partner for anyone. If your partner has those characteristics, he will either expect you to carry him through life, or he will drag you down with him. A relationship is a partnership, but the partners must be on the same page.

Poor communication skills

There will be problems in every relationships and every marriage. It is very important how you deal with them. Imagine that every time, whenever a conflict happens, your partner gives you a silent treatment. Now that is tolerable if you forgot to buy him milk, but as the problems get bigger and more serious, that will become completely draining. You cannot read minds and you should not be expected to.

Keeping you hidden

Your partner is keeping you and your relationship hidden is a really big, waving red flag. If they never want to introduce you to their friends and their family. Also, if they are not interested in meeting your family and friends and if they hide you on social media. If this is happening to you, they are either hiding something or ashamed of you. Whatever it is, you should talk with them honestly and listen to what they says. If they are not sorry or if they starts making up excuses, you should leave.

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