Ring Buying Guide For All Couples


Often times, the ring symbolizes our expression of love to our partners and without it, our love story might be incomplete. Nevertheless, many couples don’t know how to choose the perfect ring for their engagement, anniversary, birthday, or wedding occasions.

Many lovers believe that the quality and the price of the ring is associated with how much love one has for his/her partner. This then brings men to the crossroad of “what kind of ring can I buy to show my wife, fiancé, or bride how much I really love and appreciate her”.

Thinking of proposing this year? Don’t worry. Follow this guide when choosing rings your partner will love and forever cherish.

cushion engagement rings
Tip 1: the occasion

First, the occasion on which you want to present the ring is the first determinant on the type of ring you should buy for your loved one. Do you intend on proposing as a Christmas or birthday gift? Or better still, on your engagement, wedding day or a wedding anniversary. For example, colorful rings make good birthday or Christmas gifts while a more beautify classic ring with lots of diamonds will be good for an engagement ring. While a precious diamond or gold band will be good as a wedding ring.

Tip 2: what’s their style

Next, you must be sure your recipient will love their diamond, so you must know their fashion taste. If she’s receiving a ring for the first time, then you can trickily ask about her dream rings and her favorite color. Also, you should know her favorite brand and quality.

Tip 3: finger sizes

Also, you wouldn’t want to experience the shyness of having it fall off her finger, so you should know her ring size before you buy one. You can take one of her previous rings to the jeweler or has to measure her finger size for accuracy. However, if you are buying from an online store, you could also place an existing ring against the mobile phone sizer app. Make sure you write down the finger size so that you do not forget.

Tip 4: what’s the budget

You will see varieties of rings with different qualities at the jeweler’s shop, and you might want to buy one that caught your attention when you entered but at a higher cost. Stay on your budget and ask for rings within your budget at the jewelry shop.

Tip 5: silver, gold, or diamonds

Sparkling diamond rings are generally good as an engagement ring while a precious metal ring such as platinum, palladium or gold rings are good for a wedding. Therefore, you should know exactly what you are going to the jeweler’s shop. You should take time to check the hallmark stamp on the ring to know what metal it’s made of. Aslo, check out for the ring setting, design, and skills used in crafting dream rings.

Tip 6: purchasing

Finally, once you are satisfied with the ring quality and price and you are sure it’s the right size, go ahead and purchase. Nevertheless, ask the jeweler about the return and refund policy or if you can resize. However, if you are buying online, ask if the jewelry store offers free shipping and craftsmanship guarantee.

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