Spectacular Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Wedding planning means making countless choices, from selecting a color palette to choosing a wedding venue and menu. Nevertheless, the tastiest task on every wedding to-do list is choosing a wedding cake! The wedding cake is a tradition that simply has to be followed, and buttercream wedding cakes are everyone’s dream come true! 

What Is Buttercream?

Buttercream is a frosting that is made by whipping up powdered sugar, butter, and milk (sometimes heavy cream). Depending on the baker’s preference, the butter might be swapped for shortening. 

White Frosted Buttercream Wedding Cakes

No matter how far you go, you cannot escape tradition. And there is nothing more traditional than a white wedding cake! This buttercream white wedding cake looks just too good to eat! You can also add any décor you like: florals, silver or gold touches, roses… Whatever your imagination could come up with! 

Buttercream Wedding Cakes with Fruity Decorations 

Just looking at these buttercream cakes makes you feel like you are in a tropical island! The buttercream frosting can be colored like the main fruit in the decoration. For example, if you are decorating your cake with strawberries, you should color your buttercream frosting pink. It will really tie the look together! And if you whip the buttercream frosting into waves… looks truly amazing! 

Colorful Wedding Cakes 

If you are a creative person, you might want to play around with you cake a little bit, and make it really interesting, for both your quests and your wedding photos. All you have to do is make the buttercream whipping colorful! Colors can be vivid or muted, they can be fluorescent or pastel, they could match your wedding theme but they do not have to… it is really up to you! Have as much fun as you want, your guests will love your colorful buttercream creation! 

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