The Best Wedding Favor Ideas

Your wedding reception and your wedding day would not be nearly as special or memorable without your beloved family and friends that are there to celebrate it with you. Expressing your appreciation and gratitude with meaningful wedding favors is going to be greatly appreciated by your guests. While there are no rules in presenting wedding favors, there are some ideas we can offer you to point you in the right direction. Here are some of the best wedding favor ideas for your inspiration. 


Bookmarks make for a perfect wedding favor gift because they are reusable. Furthermore, whenever your quests read a book and use your bookmark, they will remember your wedding and the fun they had that day. 

And on top of that (if that is not enough), they are very budget-friendly, which is always a plus.

Seed Packets

Whether you decide to go for herb seeds, flower seeds, or vegetable seeds, packets of seeds make for a useful and inexpensive wedding favor. Moreover, do you know what the best part is? Your wedding guests are going to remember your wedding when they see that mint or tomato plant bloom in their backyard. And there is nothing cuter than that. 

Tasty, colorful donuts

Donuts make an excellent but unlikely wedding favor, and they make for an amazing late-night snack on the drive back home! You can also print out cute labels that contain a cute message, your initials, and the wedding date to make the donuts extra special. We can guarantee that your guests will enjoy this sweet bite, and they will love you for it!   

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